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Under the provisions of 16 U.S.C., Section 3, and Title 36, Code of Federal Regulations, Chapter 1, Parts 1-7, the following Superintendent's Orders (compendium) are established for Yellowstone National Park. Unless otherwise noted, these orders apply in addition to the regulations contained in Parts 1-7 of Title 36 CFR and will remain in effect until amended.

 As approved by Superintendent Michael V. Finley on August 18, 1998.


(d) Grizzly Bear Management: The administrative activities conducted by Yellowstone National Park, or its agents, relative to the management and handling of grizzly bears, Ursus arctos horribilis, will be in accordance with guidelines, procedures and rules described in the "Yellowstone National Park Annual Bear Management Plan."


Boiling River - That section of the Gardner River from the uppermost point at which Boiling River enters the Gardner River to 100 yards downstream.

Catch and release - All fish caught shall be carefully and immediately returned to the water from which they were taken.

Core camp - That area of a designated campsite within a 100 foot radius of the fire ring, or when no fire ring exists, that area within a 100 foot radius of the cooking area.

Drainage - The area drained by a river and its connecting tributaries and lakes.

Dropper or drop fly - A second fly attached to a leader.

Fly fishing - Only artificial flies may be used to attract and catch fish, regardless of the type of rod or line.

Geothermal area - Any area where surface manifestations of hot springs, geysers, mud springs, fumerols or warm ground are present.

Lead fishing tackle - Prohibited: Leaded split-shot sinkers, weighted jigs (lead molded to a hook) and soft lead-weighted ribbon. Permitted: Lures containing lead such as roostertails and Panther Martins, cannonballs or downriggers and flies with lead tied to their bodies.

Learner or Instruction Driver's Permit - License or permit secured by a person from his State motor vehicle division which grants the privilege to drive or operate a motor vehicle on the public roadways of the State. Restricted licenses are not valid for snowmobile operation.

Madison Campground Thermal Area - The stream and several geothermal features in and along the banks and bed of the secondary channel of the Madison River adjacent to H loop of the campground.

Pack animals - Horses, burros, mules, ponies and llamas only.

Tributary - Any stream which flows into a river or lake.

Upgrading - The practice of substituting captured fish for fish in possession; usually to keep larger or different fish species.



(a) Consistent with applicable legislation and Federal administrative polices, the superintendent has established the following rules, designations, conditions and restrictions on the following park activities:

. Willfully approaching on foot or on stock within 100 yards of bears or within 25 yards of any other wildlife or nesting birds or within any distance which disturbs or displaces wildlife or nesting birds is prohibited. Park personnel, acting within the scope of approved management or research activities are excepted. This rule does not apply to inadvertent or casual encounters with wildlife in developed areas where normal foot traffic is required or essential or in other areas where there is no reasonable alternative travel route.

. Public use of the Boiling River section of the Gardner River will be as follows:

- October 1 until Spring high water closure: Open 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.

- Spring high water period: Closed to swimming/bathing/entry 24 hours per day.

- End of high water closure to September 30: Open 5 a.m. to 9 p.m.

. The Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is closed to off-trail travel, including climbing, between the Chittenden Bridge and Silver Cord Cascade.

  • Entering into caves, pits or sink holes which are the result of thermal and/or seismic activity is prohibited without permission from the Superintendent, due to the prevalence of noxious and harmful gases in these places and for the protection of fragile resources.
  • Dog sledding is prohibited.
  • Climbing, diving or jumping from the cliffs or from trees in the area known as the Firehole Swimming Area is prohibited. Closed areas and closure dates are posted with appropriate signs.
  • The possession of glass beverage containers in the Firehole River swimming area is prohibited.

. The possession or use of food and beverages, except when contained in a pack-like container for carrying purposes, is prohibited in all geothermal areas. Water is not considered a beverage.

. Frank Island (except the picnic area on the south point) and the south end of Stevenson Island are closed to public use between May 15 and August 15 to protect nesting osprey and bald eagles.

. Areas closed to the general public because of resource management or research activities may be entered by persons or groups led by authorized park employees or park agents, as approved by the Chief ranger, if such entry and use does not compromise safety, environmental, scenic, natural or cultural values.

. Jet skis and similar personal water craft are prohibited on park waters.

. The Firehole River is closed to swimming, bathing and fishing 200 yards upstream and 200 yards downstream from the bridge connecting Midway Geyser Basin and the adjacent parking area.

. Quiet hours in all campgrounds, backcountry campsites, developed areas and parking areas (including cabin, hotel and employee areas) are from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. The use of generators (allowed only in Mammoth, Canyon, Fishing Bridge, Bridge Bay, Grant Village and Madison campgrounds), portable or fixed motors or any type of noise producing machine or activity which creates unusual noise or unreasonably disturbs other visitors or residents is prohibited during quiet hours.

. SCUBA diving or snorkeling is prohibited in the Yellowstone River from the Yellowstone Lake outlet downstream for one mile.

. The following roads are closed seasonally to wheeled vehicles: Grand Loop Road (except from the Mammoth Terraces parking lot to Tower Junction), Fishing Bridge to East Entrance, West Thumb to South Entrance and Madison Junction to West Entrance approximately November 1 to May 1. Actual closure dates will depend on weather and road condidtions.

. Roads closed to non-official vehicle use: All service and administrative roads designated by signs and/or locked gates.

. The maximum speed limit for all vessels on lakes open to boating is 45 mph or as otherwise posted by markers or as specified in boat permit rules.

  • Boats are prohibited from anchoring to the Yellowstone Lake bottom within 300 yards of the shoreline between Bridge Bay Lagoon channel and the Lake Hotel.

. The Grand Loop Road between Washburn Hot Springs and Tower Falls is closed to snowmobile traffic when snowmobile use is allowed in the park.

. Wildlife management areas: Visitor use may be limited in areas and on trails identified by the Superintendent for safety, research or as sensitive or high density wildlife habitat where specific species are allowed to pursue natural behavioral patterns free from human disturbance and for human safety. Area use may be adjusted on a seasonal basis and at varying restrictive levels depending on wildlife activity and/or available food. All areas shall be identified by on-site signs and/or by maps posted in the Superintendent's office.

. Designated bicycle routes include:


Mammoth area:

- The abandoned railroad bed paralleling the Yellowstone River between Gardiner & the park boundary at Reese Creek. Five miles.

- Golden Gate service road between Golden Gate and Joffee Lake. 1.5 miles.

- Mammoth service road beginning at the top of the hill on the Old Gardiner Road above Mammoth running northwest to the telephone microwave station. 1.5 miles.

- The Bunsen Peak road. Six miles.

- Swan Lake gravel pit road, six miles south of Mammoth. Approximately one mile.

- Obsidian creek campground road, adjacent to the entrance to the Indian Creek campground.

0.4 mile.

- Two-way bicycle traffic is allowed on the Bunsen Peak road and the Old Gardiner Road.

Old Faithful area:

- Lone Star Geyser road from the Grand Loop Road to the geyser parking lot turnaround.

Two miles.

- The paved trail beginning in front of the Lower Hamilton store to Morning Glory pool. One mile.

- The lighted employee trail from Bitterroot dorm to the Fire Road. 0.4 miles.

- Daisy Geyser cut-off to Biscuit Basin. Abandoned service road. 1.4 miles.

- Fountain Freight road.

Lake area:

- Natural Bridge road near Bridge Bay. One mile.

- The old roadbed between the Lake fish hatchery building and the transfer station. One mile.

Tower-Lamar areas:

- Mount Washburn service road, from the Chittenden Road parking lot to the summit of Mt. Washburn. Three miles.

- Old Chittenden service road, between the Grand Loop Road and the Tower Fall campground.

Two miles.

- Rose Creek service road behind the Lamar Ranger Station. One mile.

West Entrance area:

- Riverside trail from entrance area to Barns road. 1.4 miles.

1.5(f) Violation of above closures, designations, uses or activity restrictions or conditions, schedules of visiting hours, or public use limits of this section is prohibited. Fine $25.00


(g) The following are prohibited:

(1) Engaging in an activity subject to a permit requirement imposed pursuant to this section without obtaining a permit; or Fine $50.00

(2) Violating a term or condition of a permit issued pursuant to this section. Fine $25.00

. As authorized in section 2.4(d)(4), a permit may be issued to individuals to possess weapons on the trail over Eagle Pass known as the Mountain Creek trail as far as, and including, the Dike Creek Cutoff trail and the Skyrim trail for purposes of access or egress from lands outside the park boundaries. On these sections of trail, all weapons must be unloaded and broken down and/or cased and packaged. Off trail travel is prohibited while possessing weapons.

. As authorized in section 2.2(d), game animal carcasses or animal parts may be transported through the park on park roads in or on a motor vehicle when the carcass is wrapped or otherwise covered so as to not be visible, when accompanied by a park permit and marked a valid state tag as evidence that the animal was taken legally outside the park. Carcass(s) must be transported from the entrance gate to the exit gate in the most direct route and are not allowed overnight in the park.

. Game animals or animal parts may not be transported through backcountry areas or on backcountry trails anywhere in the park; with the exception of the Mountain Creek and Skyrim trails as described in the section above, when a permit has been issued.

. Transporting or hauling plant products, plant by-products and plant waste products into or through the park is prohibited, except that State certified weed free hay or hay pellets, hay cubes or grain may be transported or used when permitted by the superintendent.

. Park trails and backcountry areas shall not be used by individuals or parties packing, carrying or hauling materials or supplies for commercial or private hunting camps or other commercial activities based outside the exterior park boundaries without a written permit from the superintendent - irrespective of weather, trail condition, distance or user convenience.

. Pursuant to section 2.10(a), a permit is required to camp within Yellowstone National Park.

. Cooke City area residents are required to display a decal issued by the Superintendent on their personal vehicles to allow convenient non-fee entrance into the park. This decal will be issued at the Northeast Entrance Station and will allow travel only between the North and Northeast Entrances.

. Persons 16 years of age or older must purchase and possess a Yellowstone National Park fishing permit to fish in the park. The permit is valid only when signed by the permitee and is non-transferable.

. Persons 12 to 15 years of age must possess a non-fee fishing permit to fish in the park and must be under the supervision of a responsible adult . The permit is valid only when signed by the permitee and is non-transferable.

. Persons 11 years of age and younger may fish without a permit under the supervision of a responsible adult. The adult is not required to purchase a fishing permit, (deleted: nor be present while the child is fishing.) is responsible for the child's actions, and may be issued a violation notice under this section if the child violates fishing regulations.

. Snowmobiles and oversnow vehicles must display a valid State registration sticker.

. Boating permits pursuant to Section 3.3:

- A general boating permit, issued by the superintendent, is required for all vessels operated upon the park waters. These permits must be carried on the vessels at all times when any person is aboard and shall be exhibited upon request to any person authorized to enforce the regulations of this chapter.

- A boating permit may not be issued until the applicant has signed a statement certifying that he/she is familiar with and agrees to abide with the terms and conditions as described in boat operations rules and applicable Coast Guard regulations.

- Operating without, or violating a term or condition of a permit issued in accordance with this section, is prohibited. Violation of a term or condition of the permit may result in the suspension or revocation of the permit.

. Commercial motor vehicle permits pursuant to Section 7.13(a)(2) - Permits are required for vehicles exceeding the statutory size and weight limits:

- Oversize and overweight vehicles must travel between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m., from the Friday before Memorial Day through Labor Day.

- The transportation of combustible or flammable petroleum products in vehicles not exceeding the following size will be allowed between 9:00 p.m. and 2:00 p.m., June 15 through Labor Day: Length-30'; width-8'6"; height-13'6"; gross weight- 80,000 pounds.

- Vehicles transporting combustible or flammable petroleum products exceeding the above dimensions are required to travel between 9:00 p.m. and 9:00 a.m. Memorial Day through Labor Day.


(a)(4) Dead wood on the ground may be gathered for use as fuel for campfires at designated backcountry and frontcountry campsites unless prohibited by on-site signs or specific permit restrictions. Fine $100.00

(b) Leaving a designated trail or walkway to shortcut between portions of the same trail or walkway, or to shortcut to an adjacent trail or walkway anywhere within the park is prohibited. Fine $25.00

(c)(1) Edible berries and mushrooms may be gathered by hand for personal daily consumption within the park boundaries. Preserving and/or canning is prohibited. Fine $25.00


(a)(2) Elk bugles, varmint calls, audio attractants or other artificial or natural means of attracting or disturb-ing wildlife (including rattling antlers or verbal bugling or howling imitations) are prohibited. Fine $100.00

(e) Viewing wildlife at night with any artificial light, including flash photography, anywhere in the park is prohibited. Fine $100.00


(b)(9) Camping conditions Fine $50.00

. Camping in all Class A and B campgrounds is limited to no more than six persons (deleted: or one family unit per site) and two vehicles per site when space is available. (deleted: a maximum of two tents per campsite.) All vehicles must be parked on the campsite parking pad so as to not block or restrict traffic on loops, access roads or main roads.

. Camping in the park by any person, party or organization during any calendar year shall not exceed 30 days, either in a single period or combined separate periods. A maximum of 14 of the 30 days may be used during the intensive public-use period from June 15 through September 15.

. Camping in the Fishing Bridge RV Park is restricted to hardsided vehicles only (constructed of solid, nonpliable material). Recreational vehicles and hardsided camping units are not allowed in loops G and H of the Madison Campground.

. Backcountry camping shall be restricted to conditions established by the Superintendent as listed on the backcountry permit. Deviations from the permit are allowed only when approved by authorized personnel designated by the chief ranger or where immediate safety considerations or other major concerns dictate the change.

. Horses and pack animals are prohibited in Class A & B campgrounds and other frontcountry trails and visitor areas. Horse patrol rangers are excepted.

Concessions Permitees operating in the backcountry must suspend all food, garbage, stock feed, cooking utensils and stoves (except those utensils and stoves that are clean and sanitized), ice chests and any scented articles at least 10 feet off the ground and at least 4 feet from tree trunks at night and/or when not in use or attended.

(d) In all areas, food, garbage, and equipment used to cook or store food, when not in use or attended, must be sealed in a vehicle or camping unit made of solid, non-pliable material or suspended at least 10 feet above the ground and 4 feet horizontally from a post, tree trunk, or other object. Fines: Minor-$25.00, Major-$100


(a)(1) Open fires are permitted only in Government provided grills, grates or fire rings or in designated sites in campgrounds, picnic areas and backcountry campsites where open fires are allowed. Charcoal fires in self-contained grills are permitted. Charcoal must be cooled and disposed of in a garbage receptacle. Fine $50.00

. Wood fires are prohibited at Shoshone Lake backcountry campsites. Fine $50.00


(a)(5) Pet owners or responsible persons shall promptly collect and properly dispose of pet fecal matter in residential, public use areas or along roads adjacent to these areas. Fine $25.00

(d) The owners or responsible persons of pets impounded for running-at-large or as the result of pet abuse, neglect or cruelty will be charged a minimum of $10 per day for kennel or boarding costs, in addition to veterinarian fees, transportation and disposal.

(e) Domesticated wild or agricultural animals may be kept by visitors or residents with the superintendent's approval, provided that such animals pose no threat to natural or cultural resources. Fine $25.00


(g) Conditions: Fine $50.00

. Stock parties shall include no more than 25 animals or fewer when so restricted by permit conditions. Fine $25.00 plus $10 per animal over limit

. Only certified weed-free pellets, cubes and/or grain, but no hay, may be taken into and used in the backcountry. Certified weed-free hay, securely wrapped, may be transported through the park for use outside the park when a permit has been obtained from the superintendent.

. Corrals and drift fences are prohibited. Portable electric fences are allowed but may not be connected to live trees or vegetation.

. Stock parties may travel off-trail except where off-trail travel is prohibited. Pack animals are not allowed off-trail unless no other access is available to a designated camp area. Such off-trail travel routes with pack animals will be specified on the backcountry permit. One support pack animal is allowed for off-trail day trips. Areas closed to off-trail travel will be marked on maps in the superintendent's office.

. Tying stock to any feature resulting in injury or damage to the feature, vegetation or soil is prohibited.

. Picketed animals shall not be kept w/in 100 feet of trails, campsites or water sources.

. Picket pins may be made from dead down wood on site or packed in. Picket pin sites must be moved frequently to prevent overgrazing or other damage to vegetation and the pins pulled from the ground before leaving the campsite.

. Stock manure shall be scattered and removed from within a radius of 100 feet around the core camp.

. Lost or dead stock animals within park boundaries will be reported as soon as possible to park rangers.

. If an animal dies within the park, it will be the owner or responsible person's responsibility to remove the carcass from the park or make arrangements for its proper disposal as soon as is possible.


. Pursuant to sub-section (a) of this section, skiing and snowshoeing are permitted on those park roads closed seasonally to wheeled vehicles (as described in sub-section 1.5(a) of this document). Persons on skis or snowshoes shall use ski trails or designated ski areas where provided along roadways. Where these trails or areas are not provided, skiers/snowshoers, when practicable, should travel only on the left side of the roadway facing traffic and as close as possible to the edge of the roadway. Oversnow vehicles upon the roads have the right of way. Fine $25.00


. The use of roller skates, skateboards, roller skis, roller blades or similar devices is prohibited on roadways open to the public for motor vehicle travel, except that such activities are permitted in NPS housing and administrative areas; on the road between Norris and Canyon and on Gull Point Drive during daylight hours between October 1 and the time the road closes to wheeled vehicles for the winter; and on the road between the Roosevelt Arch and the North Entrance kiosk between October 1 and May 15. Fine $25.00

. The above activities may occur on any roads during the fall closure (after the roads are closed to public motor vehicle travel but before closed by snow) and during the spring closure (after the roads have been cleared of snow and ice, but before opened to public motor vehicle traffic); except for the springtime bear closure area between Madison and Old Faithful. Fine $25.00


(a) Smoking is prohibited in the following locations: Fine $25.00

. All thermal areas, visitor centers, ranger stations, entrance stations, communication center, computer rooms and other public areas or facilities as posted.

. In emergency response vehicles, including, but not limited to: Patrol vehicles, ambulances, patrol vessels and fire apparatus.


(a)(4) Nude swimming, nude bathing or nude sun bathing is prohibited in areas frequented by or in the presence of park visitors. Fine $25.00


(a)(3)(iii) The consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited in that part of Yellowstone National Park which lies north of the line from the mouth of the Gardner River directly to the fence bordering the south side of Park Street in Gardiner, Mt., and west to where that fence meets the stone wall of the Roosevelt Arch, then along that wall to its western terminus, and from there directly north to the north park boundary. Fine $25.00


(b) Residing in the park is restricted to government, concession or contract employees and their families and is pursuant to approval by the superintendent. Fine $100.00


(l) Vessels:

. No vessel 40 feet or more in length shall be placed in or operated upon waters within the park. This paragraph shall not apply to permitted concession-operated sightseeing vessels. Fine $25.00


(a) Off-road use of:

. Motorized wheeled vehicles or any mechanical means of conveyance, less than one hundred feet off the established roadway and with no significant resource damage is prohibited. Fine $25.00

. Motorized wheeled vehicles or any mechanical means of conveyance, more than one hundred feet off the established roadway or any distance with significant resource damage is prohibited. Fine $100.00


(b) On two-lane highways, vehicles traveling slower than the posted speed limit or slower than road conditions allow within the speed limit, shall turn off the roadway at the next safe turnout in order to allow any following vehicle or vehicles to proceed. Fine $25.00


(a)(2) Operating or being in actual physical control of a motor vehicle is prohibited while the alcohol concentration in the operator's system is 0.08 grams or more of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood or 0.08 grams or more of alcohol per 210 liters of breath. M/A


. Allowing vehicles with diesel engines or any vehicle which produce noxious exhaust to idle, except while actually loading or unloading passengers, is prohibited. This does not preclude vehicles from reasonable warm-up times away from concentrated visitor use or residential areas. In developed areas or parking areas, loading or unloading passengers, engine warm-up or idling is limited to 10 minutes. Fine $50.00


(a)(2) A permit is required to transport placarded hazardous materials on park roads. Fine $250.00

(b)(2) Employee motor vehicle permits are valid only while the person is employed within the park and must be surrendered upon request of the superintendent. Vehicles must be registered and permits affixed to the vehicle within seven days of bringing a vehicle into the park. Fine $25.00

(d)(2) Removal of vessels Fine $50.00

. Between May 1 & November 1, vessels and related equipment may be left only in designated mooring slips or parking areas specified by the superintendent.

. Persons authorized to live in the park during the nonboating season may store vessels and related equipment at times and locations designated by the superintendent.

(d)(3) Prohibited landing areas: Fine $50.00

. Within 25 feet of any geothermal area.

. On the shoreline of Yellowstone Lake between Little Thumb Creek and the south end of the West Thumb geothermal area.

. At sensitive wildlife areas as designated by signs or as posted on maps in visitor use areas.

(d)(4) Operating any motor vessel (gas or electric) on waters restricted to non-motorized use only is prohibited unless the motor is tipped out of the water or removed from the transom. Fine $50.00

(d)(11) Disturbing birds on the Molly Islands in the Southeast Arm of Yellowstone Lake is prohibited; nor shall unauthorized vessels approach within 1/2 mile of the shoreline of the islands. Fine $50.00

(e)(2) Fishing closures and conditions Fine for all offenses in this section: $50.00 plus $5.00 per oversize or overlimit fish

Open fishing seasons:

. Open each day from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. local time, beginning the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and continuing through and including the first Sunday in November.

. Exceptions:

- All rivers and streams in the Yellowstone River drainage above the Chittenden Bridge at Canyon open to fishing July 15. Rivers and streams include those portions of Yellowstone Lake within a 100 yard radius centered at the river or stream outlet.

- Sylvan Lake open to fishing July 15.

- Yellowstone Lake open to fishing June 1.

- All other lakes in the Yellowstone River drainage above the Upper Falls at Canyon open to fishing June 15. The marking buoys in the vicinity of the outlet of Yellowstone Lake shall define the northern limit of Yellowstone Lake.

- The Trout Lake drainage above Soda Butte Creek, including Trout, Buck and Shrimp Lakes open to fishing June 15.


- The inlet stream of Trout Lake and the portions of the lake within 50 feet of the inlet stream, as posted, open to fishing July 15.

- Agate Creek, Cottonwood Creek and the Yellowstone River within 100 yards of the mouth of Agate Creek and Cottonwood Creek, open to fishing July 15.

Daily Limit:

. The number of fish that may be kept per day is five (not counting lake trout from Yellowstone and Heart Lakes or brook trout from Pocket Lake), of which at least three must be brook trout.

Possession and Size Limit:

. The number of fish that a person may have in his/her possession at any time, regardless if fresh, stored in freezers or ice chests or otherwise preserved, is five (not counting lake trout from Yellowstone and Heart Lakes or brook trout from Pocket Lake), of which three must be brook trout. A person must cease fishing immediately upon filling his/her possession limit.

. To continue fishing, catch and release or otherwise, a person may possess no more than four fish, of which at least two must be brook trout. To continue fishing catch and release on Yellowstone Lake, a person may possess no more than two cutthroat trout. To continue fishing catch and release on Lewis and Shoshone Lakes and all other waters open to fishing, a person may possess no more than four fish, of which no more than two may be cutthroat trout.

. All fish a person does not elect to keep in possession shall be carefully and immediately returned to the water from which they were taken.

. Upgrading is prohibited.

. It is the angler's responsibility to measure fish lengths and to identify fish by species.

Species Regulations:

. Cutthroat Trout: Parkwide: Catch and release only.


- Yellowstone Lake: Catch and release only prior to July 15.

- Yellowstone Lake and tributaries: Two fish under 13 inches beginning July 15.

- The Lamar River upstream from Calfee Creek and all tributaries above and including Calfee Creek: Two fish, any size.

. Grayling: Parkwide: Catch and release only.

. Mountain Whitefish: Parkwide: Two fish, any size.

. Rainbow Trout: Parkwide: Two fish, any size.


- Madison River, Firehole River and their tributaries, catch and release only.

- Gibbon River below Gibbon Falls, catch and release only.

- Bechler River, catch and release only.

. Brown Trout: Parkwide: Two fish, any size.


- Madison River, Firehole River and it's tributaries and Gibbon River below Gibbon Falls: Two fish, under 13 inches.

- Lewis River proper below Lewis Falls: Catch and release only.


. Brook Trout: Parkwide: Five fish any size.


- Richard's Pond, Fawn Lake, Blacktail Ponds, five fish under 13 inches.

- Pocket Lake: No daily or possession limit; all brook trout must be kept.

. Lake Trout: Parkwide: Two fish, any size.


- Yellowstone Lake and Heart Lake: no size or possession limit. All lake trout caught must be kept by the angler and presented to a ranger as soon as practical. After inspection by a ranger, the fish may be returned to the angler.

Tackle and bait restrictions:

  • Each angler may use only one rod or one line, which must be closely attended. Fishing in any other manner is prohibited.
  • Only artificial lures or flies may be used. Lures may have only one hook with a single, double or treble point and flies may have only one hook with a single point.
  • No more than one hook may be on any line at any time except that two flies may be on a single line/leader.

. Leaded fishing tackle such as leaded split-shot sinkers, weighted jigs (lead molded to a hook), and soft lead-weighted ribbon for nymph fishing are prohibited.

. Snagging is prohibited.

. Natural or organic bait, such as salmon eggs, worms insects or foodstuffs and scented attractants, are prohibited.

. The Madison River, Firehole River and its tributaries, and the Gibbon River below Gibbon Falls are restricted to fly fishing only.

. Disposal of fish entrails on shore or into shallow water within 100 feet of back-country campsites is prohibited.

. When in possession of any fishing equipment and while immediately adjacent to or on waters of the park, the possession of worms, insects or other organic matter or parts thereof is prohibited.

. Exceptions:

- Children 11 years of age or under may fish with worms on the Gardner River, Obsidian Creek, Indian Creek, Panther Creek and Joffe Lake.

Other closed waters

. The Firehole River, from the road bridge one-half mile east of Old Faithful downstream to the road bridge at Biscuit Basin, including any other portions of the Firehole River identified by the posting of appropriate signs, which lie in the immediate vicinity of hazardous or fragile thermal features.

. The Yellowstone River from Chittenden Bridge downstream through the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone to a point directly below Silver Cord Cascade.

. The Yellowstone River for 100 yards upstream and 100 yards downstream of LeHardy Rapids.

. The side channel of the Yellowstone River near the road at Buffalo Ford.

(l) Snowmobiling Fine $50.00

. Upon designated routes, snowmobile use shall be limited to the unplowed roadway which is defined as that portion of the roadway located between the road shoulders designated by snow poles, ropes, fencing and signs erected by the Superintendent to regulate snowmobile activity; or by the exterior boundaries of the bern created by the packing and grooming of the unplowed roadway.

. Operation of a snowmobile less than 100 feet off of the established roadway and with no significant resource damage is prohibited.

. Operation of a snowmobile more than 100 feet off of the established roadway or any distance with significant resource damage is prohibited. Fine $100.00

. Except for emergency situations or demonstrated administrative need, the road over Dunraven Pass between the Washburn Hot Springs overlook and Tower Falls is closed to snowmobile travel.

. Snowmobile operators must possess a valid state motor vehicle operator's license, learner or instruction permit. The license or permit must be carried by the operator.

. Persons possessing a learner or instruction permit must be accompanied and supervised within line of sight, but no further away than 100 yards, by a responsible person 21 years of age or older possessing a valid state motor vehicle operator's license.

. Operating or being in physical control of a snowmobile by persons too young to possess a learner of instruction permit is prohibited. The responsible person allowing such activity may be issued a violation notice under this section.


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