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Snowmobile Yellowstone -

Visitors are welcome to snowmobile Yellowstone National Park. Click on any of the trails for more details, If you're searching for rental operators in and out of the park, be sure to visit our highly recommended operators below.

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Snowmobile Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone in winter is a special experience. Most winter visitors currently prefer to travel by snowmobile. The snowmobile offers more mobility to the most popular attractions. To make your winter trip more enjoyable, please plan ahead. During inclement weather, there will be overcrowding at the warming huts, restrooms and restaurants due to the limited winter facilities. You can ease the pressure by using the many services that are offered in the gateway communities. Please use our Tours Directory to plan your winter vacation and be aware of road closures.

Roundtrip tours are available. A guide will help you explore features along the way. See our Snowmobile Rental Operators. 

Journey through Yellowstone in winter and find yourself amidst a place like nowhere else on earth. Nordic Heaven. Over-snow vehicles accomplish the trek into the heart of this snowy paradise of frosty bison, sculpted ghost-trees, steamy thermal pools and angelic trumpeter swans. Your unique snowcoach provides a warm passage to Yellowstone's innermost secrets, while guides reveal the various chapters of the park's winter story.

Snowcoach Tours (one-way or roundtrip) are scheduled from:

  • South Gate to Old Faithful
  • Mammoth Hot Springs to Old Faithful
  • West Yellowstone to Old Faithful
  • Mammoth Hot Springs to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (day trip)
  • Old Faithful to Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (day trip)
Specialty Treks include:
  • Firehole River Tour
  • West Thumb Geyser Basin Tour
  • Winter Wildlife Tour (bus or van)
  • Daybreak Tour (bus or van)
Winter Services

Snowmobile Fuel is available at Old Faithful, Canyon, Fishing Bridge, and Mammoth Hot Springs.

Restaurants are available at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge 0
and  Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel Dining Room. Dinner reservations are required.

Fast Food is available at the Old Faithful Snow Lodge - Geyser Grill and at the Canyon and Madison warming huts.

Lunch Counter & Groceries are available at Hamilton's Store at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Restrooms - Heated restroom facilities are located at Mammoth Hot Springs campground, Mammoth Visitor Center, Old Faithful Visitor Center, Madison warming hut, and Canyon warming hut. Vault toilets are found at other locations throughout the park. 

Camping - The only campground open in winter is located at Mammoth Hot Springs. A backcountry permit is required for camping at any other location, including the winter camping area at Old Faithful. Permits may be obtained at ranger stations open in winter.

Snowmobile Rentals & Tours - Depart from Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel, Old Faithful Snow Lodge, and nearby communities.

Snowmobile West Yellowstone

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The West Yellowstone, Montana area is considered to be 0
the finest snowmobiling in the world. Perhaps this is due
to the tremendous amount of backcountry powder or it's proximity to Yellowstone National Park. Each March, the friendly town of West Yellowstone celebrates, and is host to, the World Snowmobile Expo. During the expo, the snowmobile manufacturers showcase and unveil the newest line of snowmobiles for the following season. Among the many industry exhibits, you can participate in snowmobiling events such as snowcross and drag races. Each day during expo week, a different event is featured.

West Yellowstone is unique in that you can legally drive snowmobiles on most streets and alleys right from your hotel. You can either bring your own sled or rent a new  from one of the local rental shops.  Lodging and restaurants are plentiful, but you are encouraged to make reservations in advance.The prime snowmobile season begins around the third week of December, when the Park opens, until the end of March. 

The following snowmobile operators provide rentals to tour Yellowstone National Park.  We highly recommend contacting one of our banner advertisers above. They offer discounts and will provide you with a trail map and clothing. When you get to West Yellowstone be sure to ask about the hundreds of miles of groomed trails outside of Yellowstone National Park and see why it is the snowmobiling capital of the world.



Snowmobile Jackson Hole
Located near Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park, Jackson Hole is one of the premiere snowmobiling destinations in the world. From deep mountain slopes to endless powder meadows, Jackson hole has the variety for any snowmobiler whether it's your first visit or you're a seasoned hill climber

In March, Jackson Hole is in the spotlight as host to the World Championship Hill Climb.  Hill Climbers from around the world test their skill as they attempt to ascend Snow King and be crowned King of the Mountain .....until the next year.

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National Park Adventure
PO Box 2665
155 W. Broadway
Jackson, WY 83001
Best Adventure Tours
PO Box 835
Jackson, WY 83001
Brooks Lake Lodge
458 Brooks Lake Rd.
Dubois, WY 82513
Cowboy Village Resort
@ Togwotee, Snowmobiling
Togwotee Pass
Moran, WY 8301
Flagg Ranch -  Snowmobiles
PO Box 187
S. Entrance To Yellowstone
Moran, WY 83013
Goosewing Ranch
P.O. Box 4084
Gros Ventre Rd.
Jackson, WY 83001
Grand Teton Snowmachine

P.O. Box 92
Moran, WY 83013
Green River Guest Ranch
P.O. Box 176
2000 Hwy 352
Cora, WY. 82925
Green River Outfitters
P.O. Box 727
Pinedale, WY 83013
Heart Six Ranch Snowmobiling
PO Box 70
16985 Buffalo Valley Road
Moran, WY 83013
High Country Snowmobile Tours
PO Box 820
1450 South Highway 89
Jackson, WY 83001
Jackson Hole
Snowmobile Tours

PO Box 631
1000 South Hwy 89
Jackson, WY 83001
Old Faithful Snowmobile Tours, Inc.
PO Box 7182
750 West Broadway at The Virginian
Jackson, WY 83002
Rocky Mountain Tours
PO Box 820
1050 South Highway 89
Jackson, WY 83001
Triangle C Snowmobiles
3737 Hwy 26
Dubois, WY. 82513
Wyoming Adventures
P.O. Box 820
1050 S. Hwy 89
Jackson, WY 83001



Snowmobile Big Sky

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Big Sky is known as one of the best downhill ski areas in the world.  The powder is deep and dry.  Many downhill skiers are catching on about the other world famous winter activity right down the road from Big Sky....the snowmobiling around West Yellowstone and Yellowstone National Park.  Just a short drive, or take the daily shuttle from Big Sky, and you can tour the rockies or see the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and be back to Big Sky in one day!


Snowmobile Cooke City
Bearclaw Arctic Cat
Sales & Service
P.O. Box 1069
Cooke City, MT. 
Cooke City Polaris/Ski-Doo
Cooke City, MT
Yamaha of Cooke City
215 Main St.
Cooke City, MT


Snowmobiling is one way to discover Yellowstone's winter wonders, Snowmobile regulations are designed to protect park resources and you, and they are strictly enforced.

. Snowmobile operators must have a valid state motor vehicle driver's license in possession (see article below).

. Drive on the right side of the road
and in single file. When stopping, pull
to the far right and park in single file. Stay to the right even if the roads are rough.

. Maximum speed limit is 45 mph (73 kph) or less where posted or as conditions warrant. Obey all speed limits and stop signs.

. Snowmobiles may be driven on designated roads only. Sidehilling is prohibited and carries a fine of up to $5,000. Stay on roads to avoid injuring yourself, damaging your machine, or banning the environment.

. Operating a snowmobile while intoxicated is illegal. Possession of open containers of alcoholic beverages, including bota bags, is illegal while operating a snowmobile or riding as a passenger.

. Wildlife have the right of way! Chasing, molesting, approaching, or feeding any animal is prohibited.

. Snowmobiles must be registered according to applicable state law.

. Snowmobile exhaust and muffler systems must be in good working order. The maximum noise allowed is 78 decibels. Snowmobiles exceeding the decibel standard will be denied entry into the park.


For more information on Yellowstone National Park and
the surrounding communities visit these helpful sites:

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